SEO for Estate Agents

The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation to Estate Agents

If you’re an Estate Agent looking to improve the traffic your website gets from the search engines, we can get your website to the top of the search engine results. Even in the face of strong competition from the big property portals!

There were over five million ‘estate agent’ related searches made in Google UK in the last year. That figure doesn’t even include more specific ‘to let’, ‘for sale’, to rent’ phrases that include keywords like ‘flat’, ‘house’, ‘apartment’ etc. There are significant opportunities for estate agencies that have the foresight to invest in improving their rankings. Even for competitive keywords, working against some of the bigger sites like ‘Prime Location’ and ‘Find A Property’, the top spots are up for grabs for the agencies with the right strategy.

Thousands of people are searching for properties daily, using long-tail localised keywords that you could be ranking for, for example ‘estate agents in Barnet’. As these keyphrases are longer than generic search terms and contain a specific locality, they are easier to compete on if you use the right SEO techniques.

Our Approach to Working with Property Businesses

Most good SEO companies will give your website the usual optimisation overhaul and link building but will not go to the level required to compete in the competitive estate agency online marketplace.

Estate agencies require a specialised approach to optimisation that goes deeper than the usual processes that make up an SEO campaign. As more and more people employ the generic SEO techniques to their websites, search engines are looking for other ways to judge the relevancy of websites for specific terms. Our approach focuses on localisation specific to your estate agency branches, both in terms of keywords and online business visibility.

These opportunities are still somewhat unknown amongst the greater SEO industry; however we have been successfully applying localised search engine optimisation for our property clients for over 5 years and have extensive experience in how to use these techniques to their full potential. With a growing list of well-known estate agents and property companies as clients we have become specialists in getting estate agencies higher in search results and keeping them there.

We partner with Growth Track, the leading estate agency digital marketing specialist in the UK, and for more information on our tried and tested approach to specialist Estate Agency SEO, contact us to find out about the clients that we have worked with, and the success that we have had.

Forensic SEO

Recovering from a catastrophic traffic loss requires a laser-sharp understanding of your site’s inner and outer mechanisms. We put over 100 distinct components of your site under the microscope, producing a detailed analysis of your historic search visibility, dissecting your analytics data and working with enterprise-level software to find where the problem is exactly all so we can fix your rankings quickly, without disrupting the day-to-day running of your site.

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Link Penalties

If spammy inbound links have caused your site to be devalued or pushed into the crosshairs of Google Penguin, we can provide a complete link penalty service: a profiling, cleaning, disavowal and reconsideration service that's guaranteed to decontaminate your site. We run a meticulous assessment of your links, identifying the risks, taking steps to clean the links causing you problems, and submitting a detailed reconsideration request on your behalf.

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Content Penalties

One of the most important keys to search engine success is your content. If you’ve received a manual content penalty or if your rankings have taken a plunge at the same time as a Google Panda update, then you may need a specialist content penalty and Panda recovery service to get you back on track. We provide a content audit and planning service to help get your content up to scratch, your penalty lifted, your rankings back to where they were, and your site secured for the future.

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Getting your rankings back requires two things: a complete understanding of the problem and an actionable plan to recover from it. Our Forensic SEO experts have created numerous cost-effective recovery plans to help businesses get back on their feet after suffering a devastating loss in search engine traffic. Whether you’ve received a penalty or you’re getting attacked by malware or competitor tactics, or the problem is with your site, we’ll come up with a recovery plan that will fix the issue and help secure your rankings for the future.

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